Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Beach day fail

Have you ever woken up and just known the day was going to go badly? Call me a pessimist, but that is exactly how my day started yesterday. When Ollie started fussing at 4.45, I just knew it was a day to stay at home and hunker down rather than branching out and attempting the fun day we had planned; but I had promised the girls and the day must go on and to the beach we were destined to go.

We've been to Sandbay beach lots, but I'll be honest, I've never actually ventured past the sandy dunes you can see on this picture, but I was told the sand wasn't far away. We walked out over the dunes and looked where the lovely soft sand was and realised it was a small hike. Undeterred we pressed on laden down with a picnic, beach shelter, towels and everything you could possibly need for a fun day at the beach, thinking it would be worth it in the end. The further we walked the further the sand seemed to get, it was never ending, but finally we reached the sand that had no pebbles that was soft enough for us to set down for the day. I attempted to put up the beach shelter, the wind was so strong it kept trying to take off, finally 20 minutes, tent pegs, guy tropes, many many large rocks, all our bags and me sat in it, it wasn't going to go anywhere...As long as I didn't move!

The sun was shining and it was a glorious day, the kids played for about 10 minutes before deciding they were hungry. I brushed and towelled off the sand and handed round the picnic to hungry children, unfortunately sandwiches were dropped in sand, toddlers refused to stay sat down to eat and finally came whines of  'my hands are too sandy', 'I'm cold' and my favourite 'can we go home now'. So with that we packed up and trekked the small hike back to the car. It was so not worth all that effort for less than an hour sat on the beach! We ended up in the back garden of my mums house where the kids forgot all about the wind and how cold they were and enjoyed playing together in the sun shine.

I've not been completely put off the whole experience though, tomorrow I plan to try again, this time in a better mood at a different beach (where I can park much closer) and hopefully it will be a better experience all round.

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